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Gloss Meter, Gloss Meter Calibration, Paint Gloss Meter

Gloss Meter, Digital Gloss Meter, Paint Gloss Meter, Gloss Meter Unit

Gloss and Haze measurement is essential where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required and to ensure uniformity of the surface finish.

The gloss value is determined by directing a light, which has a similar wavelength to the human eye, at the test surface and

measuring the amount of specular reflection. Gloss is

measured with angles of 60° and 20°. The 60° angle is

universal for all applications. The 20° angle gives improved differentiation of measurement on high-gloss coatings above 70 gloss units.

Haze measurement is required where high-gloss surfaces have

a low reflection contrast. The Haze measurement is the

difference between readings taken with the 20° and 60°

angles, complying with International Standard ASTM D4039. The Stargloss will automatically calculate the Haze reading.

The Haze function is only available on combined 60°/20° models.

Small and portable, the Stargloss is one of the most advanced Gloss Meters available. By using tungsten halogen lamps and

optical filters the light source has a similar spectro-response to the human eye, giving true human photo-optic performance, which is essential for ensuring exact compliance to

International Standards. Optical bench accuracy and stability are obtained by the optics being set in a precision-engineered aluminium block.

Available in models of Standard and Top. All functions are easily accessible through a menu-driven back-lit display.


Paint Thickness Gauge

Paint Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness Gauge, Paint Thickness Measurement.

Measuring principle

Magnetic Method (Fe): Measuring the thickness of non- magnetic coatings on steel, iron and other ferromagnetic metal substrates, e.g. painting, varieties of anti-corrosion coating, powder spraying, plastic, rubber, synthetic material, phosphate coating, chromium, zinc, Aluminum, tin and cadmium, etc.

Eddy Current Method (NFe): measuring the thickness of non-conductive coatings on copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferromagnetic substrates, e.g. painting, varieties of anti-corrosion coating, powder spraying, plastic, rubber, synthetic material, oxide film and phosphate film, etc.


Paint Thickness Gauge

Paint Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness Tester, DFT Meter, coating thickness gauge, Paint Gauge
Posi Test DFT Coating Thickness Gauge
The DFT Coating Thickness Gage measures the thickness of coatings on ALL metals. Accurate and economical the DFT is the ideal instrument for Powder Coaters, Paint Applicators, Coating Inspectors... Easy-to-read over sized LCD display is reversible for reading when inverted.

Two Models

  • DFT-F
    measures non-magnetic coatings on steel.
  • DFT-FN
    measures both non-magnetic coatings on steel AND non-conductive coatings on aluminum, brass, etc.  Automatically recognizes the substrate and takes a measurement.

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Coating Thickness Gauge

It meets the standards of both ISO2178 and ISO-2360 as well as DIN, ASTM and BS. Suitable for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions.
* The F probes measure the Coating thickness of non-magnetic materials (e.g. paint, plastic, porcelain enamel, copper, zinc, aluminium, chrome etc.) on magnetic materials (e.g. iron, nickle etc.) . often used to measure the thickness of galvanizing layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel layer, phosphide layer, copper tile, aluminium tile, some alloy tile, paper etc.
* The N probes measure the Coating thickness of non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic metals. It is used on anodizing, varnish, paint, enamel, plastic coatings, powder, etc. applied to aluminum, brass, non-magnetic stainless steel, etc.

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Coating Thickness Tester

Coating Thickness Gauge is a kind of portable measuring instrument, it can quickly, no damage and precise coating, coating thickness measurement; Not only can be used in the laboratory, also can be used in the engineering field; Through the use of different measuring head, but also can meet the needs of a variety of measurement; Widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and testing field; Is the material protection professional necessary instruments.

Measure the thickness of Non-magnetic coating layers on magnetic substrate.

Such as:(enamel, rubber, paints, plastics, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, power, synthetic materials,

Phosphidelayer, Lead, tin, cadmium, ceramic oxide, Covering layer) on steel, iron, alloy and hard-magnetic steel. Conductive or non-conductive coating layer is unimportant, as along as it is non-magnetic. 

Gloss Meter

We are provide gloss meter all over India

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